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 Seriah's Wild Jungles

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Seriah the tamer

Seriah the tamer

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PostSubject: Seriah's Wild Jungles   Seriah's Wild Jungles Icon_minitimeSun Jun 23, 2013 5:15 pm

Full Name: Seriah Shimono

NickName(s): Ria (sometimes with –chan), or anything else people come up with that isn’t blatantly mocking her.

Gender: Female.

Age: 17 physically.

Race: Shade. (They’re often confused with ghosts.)

Looks (Descriptions or Pictures work):

Role in the Circus (Don't have to be specific): 
 Animal tamer of any kind. (And sometimes people too. She’s a good moderator when she has to be.)

Any Family?: She knows she has family somewhere, but things like blood relations are pointless to a shade.

Memories Before Joining the Circus (Or Biography): She was originally human with a normal family, but two years ago her physical body just faded away, leaving her a creature made of shadows; a shade (she can make the shadows seem like a physical body). Most of her human memories became useless at that time, and she promptly forgot them. She does remember that she heard about a strange circus somewhere, and so she came, searching for acceptance beyond the family she used to have, as well as for a place to simply BELONG.

Personality: She is generally rather calm and sweet, making most people and animals enjoy being around her, but she is no push over. The wildest of beasts are tamed by her because she has an iron will and the ruthlessness to back it up if need be. In addition, while she enjoys people, sometimes she just needs a little time to herself in nature of with her animals.

Any Mental Issues? (Anger, Nervous Ticks... Etc.): She can have a tendency to hold any annoyance in, meaning that she explodes when she is finally angered, even if it takes a while to get there. And NEVER call her a ghost instead of a shade once you know what the difference is. It’s the fastest way to die.

Accessories (What do you take with you for your Acts?): Her staff is carried with her at all times and is both her weapon and the way she controls her animals if more than just words is required.

Secret Crush?: None yet, but she is a romantic at heart, so that may change.

Abilities (If you're not human): Her body is made of shadows, so she can not only disappear, but completely fade into nothing. Attacks pass right through her and she can’t really feel anything in that state. She is impossible to kill/get rid of is she doesn’t want to leave. She can also steal memories or thoughts, rather by completely removing them from your mind or just by copying them into her own.

Pets?: In her show she uses (in order of picture): Hisame, Goruden, Hinote (the fox), and Malchior.

Her main "pet" that she takes everywhere is Galaxy:

Theme Song (Or just a particular favorite): She doesn’t really care all that much about “favorite” songs, but she personally enjoys darker songs with faster tempos. Around her animals she often plays more soothing music unless she’s getting them hyped up for a bloody performance. A song she listens to pretty often is World’s End Dancehall by JubyPhonic.

Chat Color (What color should I be paying attention for when your character rolls in?): This color~! ^_^

Favorite Quote (Or just something they say ALL THE TIME!): “Treat me like a queen and I’ll treat you like a king. Treat me like a game and I’ll show you how it’s played.”

Any Other Information?: No one really seems to know if shades are undead, immortal beings, or simply unable to die/age, but Seriah isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon, and is actively trying to find out exactly what she is and why she became a shade.

Full Name: Celeste is the only name she remembers.

NickName(s): She will accept Cela for some reason, but not much else.

Gender: Female.

Age: Thousands of years old, but she looks about 20.

Race: Demonic fallen angel.

Looks (Descriptions or Pictures work):

Role in the Circus (Don't have to be specific): Prophet.

Any Family?: Not that she remembers or that would admit to knowing her.

Memories Before Joining the Circus (Or Biography): She doesn’t’ truly remember many memories outside of pain and the feeling of falling, but memories that feel almost like they come from a school textbook are running through her mind on repeat. A few centuries ago the Angel of Fate had broken one of the larger rules in heaven: she became infatuated with a human male. Even worse, she lusted after his body more than anything else. As punishment for one of the seven deadly sins and as a way to keep her from the human, when she fell it wasn’t to earth. She went all the way down to hell and became a wingless demon. Unfortunately, the fall jostled her brain a bit and took, well, all of her sanity. Eventually she made her way to the surface where she learned that she could get her wings back. Pretty pretty red wings drawn in blood~! Her wanderings and random slaughter eventually lead her here, where she was allowed to have her wings! ^_^

Personality: She’s sometimes too insane to really have much of a personality, but she likes the circus group enough not to try and use any parts of them to get her wings back, so it can be said that she’s nice and incredibly loyal to those she develops bonds with. Also, in her few moments of clarity she proves to actually be rather intelligent. When she’s having a fairly good insane day, she usually stays by herself, but if people talk to her, she will reply, just not necessarily in a normal way…

Any Mental Issues? (Anger, Nervous Ticks... Etc.): As far as most mental issues like anger or nervous ticks go, she is totally sane. However, she is obsessed with wings; particularly getting her own back. She rants and raves quietly about them, murders for blood to paint them, and will even hunt down large birds of prey and rip their wings off to try and recreate hers. (She only wants feathered ones, and seems to be able to tell the difference between and wild bird and any wings involved with people in the circus, so there is no need to worry about her attacking members for their wings…)

Accessories (What do you take with you for your Acts?): Plenty of knives. Her act starts pretty normally as far as prophecies go, but always goes downhill soon after. She now has to use blood to channel her power, and so she is soon driven insane again.

Secret Crush?: That’s what got her into this mess. She hates being flirted with and will end anyone who tries thinking that they’re trying to drag her back into hell. However, she does love wings…

Abilities (If you're not human): She lost most of her special abilities in the fall –except her visions of Fate- but gained more physical strength and speed.

Pets?: They don’t last long with her…

Theme Song (Or just a particular favorite): She doesn’t listen to much music, but in her brief flashes of sanity, her mind often goes back to the second verse of Romeo and Juliet (Mirishira version) by JubyPhonic, especially the line “Oh God have I become the monster in this fairytale?”

Chat Color (What color should I be paying attention for when your character rolls in?): Would red with white highlights work? If not, then this color.

Favorite Quote (Or just something they say ALL THE TIME!): Does insane giggling and mutters about wings count? Because she doesn’t say much else on her worst days, and on her better days she is often seen staring at the painting of wings she has in her tent and whispering the aforementioned song line.

Any Other Information?: Right before her act starts and in the very beginning when she is just starting to access her powers, she momentarily has complete sanity and glimpses of the angel she used to be. Those glimpses usually fuel her wing/bloodlust afterwards however. Also, she seems to speak in a fairly convoluted fashion, meaning she doesn’t always make sense…
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Seriah's Wild Jungles
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