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 Basic Profile Posting

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Ring Mistress Blaine
Ring Mistress Blaine

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PostSubject: Basic Profile Posting   Basic Profile Posting Icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 12:03 am

I know there's all sorts of ways to customize your profiles for the long-haul in this circus, and as we maneuver on through the decades or so you can do that as much as you need to. 
But for now! Here's the basic rundown on how I would at least like it to look. 

Full Name:
Looks (Descriptions or Pictures work):
Role in the Circus (Don't have to be specific):
Any Family?:
Memories Before Joining the Circus (Or Biography):
Any Mental Issues? (Anger, Nervous Ticks... Etc.):
Accessories (What do you take with you for your Acts?):
Secret Crush?:
Abilities (If you're not human):
Theme Song (Or just a particular favorite):
Chat Color (What color should I be paying attention for when your character rolls in?):
Favorite Quote (Or just something they say ALL THE TIME!):
Any Other Information?:

"Odd, Isn't It...
How We Sometimes..."

"Finish Each Other's Sentences?
It Would Be Odder If We Didn't."

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Basic Profile Posting
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