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 Welcome my Demons and Witches!

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Seriah the tamer

Seriah the tamer

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome my Demons and Witches!   Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:44 pm

Seriah flashed a grin at Dillan quickly. Of course my cooking is good considering I learned from Jaemey! Down by Akiha Galaxy started purring and batted at her hand cutely, silently asking for more ham.


Celeste looked up casually as Akira walked out. Torture is always fun, but should never be done alone. You can get ideas from friends, and have someone hlep pick up the bones~! Her speaking became normal for a moment as she finished with, Anyone else want to come find some humans to play with? She smiled a little insane grin.
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Aliza the Magician
Aliza the Magician

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Location : Uh huh.. See that box in the alley way that says take one? See the little girl in the corner of the box? Well, that's me~ Welcome home.

PostSubject: Re: Welcome my Demons and Witches!   Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:06 pm

Akiha gave Galaxy another piece of ham a small smile on her face, I'll come with you if you'd like Celeste~ I'm always happy to help you with your torture. she hold the insane female bluntly and truthfully while stroking Galaxy.


Dillan flashed her a smile, at least you learned from one of the best, he told her as he stole a piece of ham that Seriah made before Akiha stole it.

How you ever wondered how odd it was to talk to yourself?
What do you mean? If we weren't normal then what would we be?
I guess we would be crazy now wouldn't we?
*smirks* Yes, but then again we're not 'crazy' are we?
Just disoriented... Is that the proper term for our condition?
I don't know.. *blows out some smoke* You tell me after you ask them.

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Ring Mistress Blaine
Ring Mistress Blaine

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Location : Okay, so you see that tree? Yes. That one. Climb over it, yes. OVER THE TREE. Now slither through those vines... Uh huh... Jump that volcano... Mhm... Die? Oh... well.. Welcome home :D.

PostSubject: Re: Welcome my Demons and Witches!   Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:01 am

Blaine turned to Jun and smirked, shrugging her shoulders Their my family, how could I not handle them? She purred, ruffling up Jun's hair.

Jaemey's cheeks flared as she looked down at her empty plate and huffed, taking a sip from the dark coffee-mug next to her.

Azarel shook his head and snapped out of his daze, feeling bored around the family he made his way back to his tent and sat down on the floor to tend to his meditation.

Samuel looked at Seriah and chuckled, Yeah, it was a nice day and I felt like taking a dip with Isys. She needed the work out. He smirked as he slid into a chair and rubbed his forehead.

"Odd, Isn't It...
How We Sometimes..."

"Finish Each Other's Sentences?
It Would Be Odder If We Didn't."

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome my Demons and Witches!   

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Welcome my Demons and Witches!
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