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 Thirteen Deadly Sins.

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Aliza the Magician
Aliza the Magician

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Thirteen Deadly Sins. Empty
PostSubject: Thirteen Deadly Sins.   Thirteen Deadly Sins. Icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 12:33 am

Chaos -> Fallen Angel

Despair -> Banshee

Envy -> Shapeshifter







Sin -> God

Sloth -> Vampire



These are the thirteen sins, whoever makes one they can post it down below or I will post it here from their own profile place~

How you ever wondered how odd it was to talk to yourself?
What do you mean? If we weren't normal then what would we be?
I guess we would be crazy now wouldn't we?
*smirks* Yes, but then again we're not 'crazy' are we?
Just disoriented... Is that the proper term for our condition?
I don't know.. *blows out some smoke* You tell me after you ask them.

Thirteen Deadly Sins. Af7ce610
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Thirteen Deadly Sins.
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