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 Homemade Races

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PostSubject: Homemade Races   Homemade Races Icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 8:25 pm


History: Vaelcain's are a race that seem to become Vaelcains some time in their life most turn into one during the teens, or the rare chance of them become Vaelcain's when they are children. The Vaelcain have to go through trials to become one, trials are set by the gods since there are so few of them. How the race was made is a woman, had the spirit of an animal put in her the spirit guardian of her village. When the baby was born her baby was born, she seemed to be a normal baby but at the age of sixteen is when the transformation began, she seemed to have the same characteristics of a raccoon. Sharp claws to scratch at people, slightly pointed fangs, and a tail that resembled the raccoon's. Due to this curse or gift that the girl was given she had to be thrown out, the spirit of the raccoon inside her mother have formed with the female. Now, very rarely a spirit animal will go into a mother to be transferred into the child. No one knows how the gods fit into this but this is it.

Characteristics: Vaelcains tend to have tails, they can be the opposite of the animal or something else like Paranoia has a chained tail, Ethan has a dragon like tail despite being a shark. They also tend to have some pointed fangs depending on what spirit animal is inhabited in them, like a cow would be like two, a wolf would have four, a shark would have almost all teeth to be pointed if you get the picture. Alas the Vaelcains, also hold a characteristic of the animal inside them, like the girl from the history part had black looking tattoo on her face that resembled a raccoon mask, of course it doesn't have to be physical. Like Paranoia has a good sense of hearing due to her being a bat Vaelcain.

Side effects of this Race:
The side effects of this race is that after the trail you have to go through immense pain for 12 hours having your body shift and form into the new body you will have. Therefore some people have problems, if you kill yourself because of the pain then you will be reborn, if you failed the gods trials before you change then you will be bound by the earth, if you pass it though then you have to go through the whole pain with some powers. Also Vaelcains tend to have a 'alternate' personality that is the opposite of the one they have. Ethan is quite perverted and will say anything naughty to Henry when he get's the chance and is rather lewd, his other personality is sweet, shy and completely innocent to perverted things.

Powers: Depending on your personality you will have a power that corresponds it and have a different power for your alternate personality. EX: Someone has fire powers for regular personality, then their alternate personality controls water.

Spider Bloods

History: Spider Bloods are a type of race that are ALMOST exactly like spiders but more like in human form, so you can't tell if they are spider bloods or not. Though there are some ways to tell but they are for later let's say how the Spider Bloods were made. Actually a man before had a fascination with spiders, but that's not the reason he became a spider bond oh no. The man was a normal man, he had a good family a loving life, all that was normal. He went to a fortune teller, but seeing as she was a fraud he yelled and shouted at the woman for stealing away his money and telling him false lies. The fortune teller was indeed a fraud but she was a witch enraged she started to curse him, to curse him to become the thing he loved most. In the middle of the curse however she was interrupted by his son hitting her upside the head and getting his father out of there. The man then forgot about the curse, but a month later he found that everything he ate turned to acid leaving a foul taste in his mouth. His family and close friends had the same curse on them, a side effect from the woman's curse. The curse went through generation, from generation until they became a complete race. (Lame I know, but this is all I got! *flails arms*)

Characteristics: Most Spider Bloods have either black and light blue eyes and two sharp fangs in their mouth. They tend to be pale, and take pills everyday before a meal. If you are part of the royal family however you will have ruby red eyes that look like they literally look like ruby's. They wear dark clothes and tend to be excellent hunters, like a spider they hunt to feed. They can drink blood and eat human food, but most prefer to eat human food thinking that if they drank blood they would be mistaken as vampyres. Spider Bloods also have acid in their veins and when in danger their fangs will also produce acid. Though their fangs mostly produce poison when they bite into someone, many have to train in order for their bite to produce acid and poison when they want so they can bite without worry.

Side effects: Most Spider Bloods take special tablets that control the acid in their fangs before they eat otherwise the food will melt in the acid making it hard to eat. If you don't have the tablets it will be hard to eat without melting the food in your mouth, unless you can control the acid and poison. They also have tablets that will control the poison in their fangs so they can bite freely, but they are difficult to make without the right materials. Some spiders like the Black Widow spider have no control over their acid and is more dangerous than others, or the tarantula which have a high temper and will attack on impulse.

Powers: Spider Bloods can, like a spider produce thread but through their fingers at will. They will seem to come out of thin air but the tips of their fingers produce little things to make the thread sticky and non sticky. They also have the acid and poison, if cut then their blood will melt the weapon a little as well as melt anything that touches it. Some depending on the type of spider they are can jump really high like the jumping spider, or blend in well with other things. Some that are the daddy spider (whatever that is called) will be really tall, the tallest out of the spiders.

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Homemade Races
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